How to use garden mirrors

15 June 2016
Garden mirrors - a downloadable ebook that shows you quick and easy ways to bring impact to your garden.

Conserve bees in your garden

30 May 2016
Help conserve bees in your garden with a Beehive Bee House and more

How to plant a hanging basket

06 February 2016
How to plant a hanging basket

The Indoor Garden

23 August 2014
Top tips for beautiful and healthy indoor plants

Sowing Delphinium Seed Collected From The Garden

20 June 2014

Here's a blow by blow account of our current experiment to bulk up our Delphinium stocks by growing new plants from seed collected from our one remaining plant. Keep watching for a regular progress report with no pucnhes pulled.

Sloe Wine

27 May 2014

Baked Quince & Apple Crumble

26 May 2014

The prize that Paris awarded Aphrodite (thus indirectly sparking off the Trojan Wars) was probably a quince and "golden apples" in the Song of Solomon was probably also a reference to quince. It is a fruit widely used in the Middle East especially with pork and as Membrillo it is eaten with Manchego cheese in Spain (this we strongly recommend from lots of personal experience!).

Chinese Style

26 May 2014

Crispy Stir Fry Crambe Maritima

Assembling and Fitting Garden Arches

15 April 2014

Tips on siting and assembling a garden rose arch.

Lemon curd ice cream - with meringue

07 May 2013
A sumptuous combination of tangy lemon and sweet, crunchy meringue.

Lemon Curd

06 May 2013

Make your own zesty lemon curd and then use it in these easy to follow recipes.

Every Garden Shed Needs a Potting Bench

03 July 2012

Fabulous space saving potting bench and stool, designed to help you keep your work space tidy.

Making The Most Of A Soggy Summer

22 June 2012
Quintessentially British tea on the lawn despite the unreliable weather - make the most of summer and grab every opportunity to be outdoors.

Baked Alaska

17 October 2010
A simply delicious combination of hot and cold in this spectacular ice cream cake.

Sloe Gin

25 August 2010
A sure fire recipe for turning sour sloes into a delicious and warming liqueur.

Preparing To Sell Your House

01 January 2010

Before they can move most home owners need to sell their own property and in a falling market that can be quite a challenge. You need to give yourself every advantage - read on to discover more!

Sedum the new alternative to grass?

02 December 2009
Exploring the benefits of sedums as a green alternative to grass and wild flower meadows, especially for green roofs.

Achocha Curry

04 November 2009

Cooking with Achocha, a classic curry recipe for this easy to grow climber that looks like a short hooked cucumber.